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Sorry guys that wrote Hermioney just really wanted Hermione to be in this photo too 😊😘 A.L.W.A.Y.S.
Which Trio do you love more?❤️
😂😂😂Why Domby? i love this couple 😍
Do you want?😈
Guys We have a new contest🎉 You need to take a picture of our Group @_harry_james_potterr In your city (you can with books with ice cream) and send us to direct All the photos are similar to this 💕 We will see who wins 😊🌎The one who wins will do the shoutout 2 times 💎
I know this is not about Harry Potter, but I think that everyone loves such psychological tests and if you like it there will be more☺️
No 1- is a well-bred man of high Morality and respect the traditions of the past. To make a decision, always approach rationally, Never act rashly. It is harder for you to put up with the injustice of this world. Often it is you who are entrusted with routine work, from which everyone else has succeeded in TRYING. No 2- Your choice suggests that you have a very sensitive heart that has been burned more than once. You are the person to whom I have probably heard many times: "Do not let yourself ride" or "Take off the rose-colored glasses". Next to you, friends feel relaxed and reliable, BECAUSE YOU NEVER throw in trouble. No 3- The soul of the company and amateur cheerful is about you. Do not like POSITELOK fuss and never do more than necessary, if no one asked about it. You are by nature a leader and attract to you SAME STRONG PERSONS like Magnet. No 4- You are an easy person by nature, an optimist,Who sees life in bright colors and does not notice the imperfection of the world. You quickly find a common language with people and Do not like to overwork. Your inquisitive nature loves Adventure and can not stand Thrilling in four walls. 🤗🌎
Which is your favorite Film?😍❤
Draco or Harry 😈
my pic #adminlili 😂😘
mee 😂😂😂😂
Dramione Vs Harmione 💕 #adminlili thif pic for Dramione and Harmione s fans 😉
I want them together in Harry Potter😢💜❣
Comment your house💜💜