Chris Sharma

It s heartbreaking to see this very ugly side of humanity. Praying for all the victims and their families and that someday we can all live in peace and harmony. 🙏🙏🙏 #barcelonatestimo #nomasterrorismo #nomoreterrorism
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Cheers from the tide.
prAna Ambassador, @chris_sharma revisits a favorite in his hometown of Santa Cruz.
📷: prAna Ambassador, @chrisburkard
#Repost @jimthornburg thanks jimi for taking me on my first road trip and huge gratitude to @boonespeed for illuminating the path. Good memories from over 20 years ago. ・・・
Chris Sharma was around 15 when he repeated Boone Speed s American testpiece Supertweek (5.14b) a 45-degree wall capped with a huge move from a mono. What made his ascent extra impressive is that he worked the route in mid-summer heat on the afternoon we arrived, and sent it in balmy conditions the following morning - and if my memory is correct, he more or less campused most of the crux. Here is an old, forgotten slide I just scanned and sharpened up in PS. #filmphotography #fujivelvia #escalada #climbinghistory #logancanyon #supertweaks #goat #climbing #mono #hardrock
That moment when time stands still and everything becomes crystal clear... 📷 @mikehillphoto Mt Woodson session back in the day with #tonilamprecht @prana
New horizons!!
Nuevos horizontes!! #psicobloc @prana
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Someone has a new toy!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️excited for some big hikes in the mountains with my girls. @alarconjimena #alanasharma
Classic shot from #JerryMoffatt of me and Malcom Smith bouldering in CO on the classic (but unfortunately) forbidden @tommycaldwell problem "turn that frown upside down" back in the day. Congrats to my friend @jaredroth82 for taking it upon him to bring @pusherholds back from the ashes. One of the original climbing brands founded by @boonespeed @mikecall and #DaveBell Dave is in the midst of battling cancer and they have set up a page to help raise funds for his treatment (link in profile). Please do what you can. Being in this industry for almost 25 years , it s amazing how intertwined our lives are and I m so honored to have amazing friends like these guys who have also been huge inspirations in my climbing as well 🙏🙏
Finally made it home after a busy week at @outdoorretailer and the fifth year of our event @psicocomp . It s great to see all the hard work come to fruition. Congrats to @kyracondie and @jwebxl on their wins and huge thanks to all the competitors and spectators that came out to make this event so special. Excited for the bright future of this event! @mikecall @boonespeed @dani_andrada_climb @stevenjefferyclimbs @mikebbeck @kevinbradburn
Great to reconnect with our iconic @psicocomp wall yesterday. It was good to work off the jet lag and get into the mode. Today and tomorrow is going to be fun! Be sure to check out our live stream and if you re able to please come check out the event in person. See ya!
This week, @psicocomp is going down at the @utaholympicpark please come and check it out in person or on the live stream!
I ve got this route on my mind these days. Looking forward to doing battle again soon. #perfectomundo #margalef @lafondamargalef @sharmaclimbingbcn 📷 @giancolafoto