Ellen Borggreve

~~Fine Art Landscape Photographer/Artist~~ Seeking Stillness in Foggy Forests & Early Mornings

Simple Is Good- Jim Henson
(Sony A7 & Sony 24-70 f2.8 GM ) Veluwe, The Netherlands
~~Autrefois~~ This must have once been a lane leading some place that is now forgotten. There is such beauty in those things that once were
Sony A7 & Sony 70-200 F4
~~Pas De Deux~~ The famous dancing trees of the Speulderbos, The Netherlands
Sony A7 Sony 70-200 F4
~~Suivre La Lumière~~ Pursuing your dream by doing what lights you up.
~~Rêve en Couleurs~~ I am in a French mood due to Le Tour de France, hence the French titles 😊
Sony A7 & Sony 70-200 F4
~~Vague Destiny~~ An early foggy morning like I love them best: very foggy! 😉
Sony A7 + Sony 70-200 F4
~~Danse Brumeuse~~ The famous forest Speulderbos, The Netherlands with its dancing trees in the mist
(Sony A7 + Sony 70-200 F4)
~~Twists & Tangles~~ Sometimes I am glad I am not a tree. Can you imagine the backaches these poses would cause?
~~Mystical Moments~~ Total mist bliss...
~~Sunshine Shower~~ Some sunshiny goodness on this grey ( in all shades) day
(The Veluwe, Netherlands)
Sony A7 + Sony 70-200 F4
~Otherwordly Realm~~ In my photography I try to focus on the other side of reality, away from what we see and hear on the news. This too is reality and it is pretty magical. Where do you find magic in everyday life?
(Sony A7 & Zeiss 55mm F 1.8)
~~Dreams Of Grace~~ Birch trees on a foggy morning. Veluwe, The Netherlands
~~Angelic~~ Blissful light on this forest path on the Veluwe, The Netherlands
"Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost" JRR Tolkien
Little by little one travels far ( J.R.R.Tolkien)
~~A Space of Peace~~ Pure blissful stillness (Sony A7 & Sony 70-200 f4)
(Veluwe, The Netherlands)
There is nothing quite like the combination of fog, a forest, sunrise and me and my camera...
Veluwe, The Netherlands
Take a picture ( check), pick an image ( check), edit it (check), name it (...........) What is it with me and this "title block"? Anyone feeling inspired and wanting to suggest a title?
Veluwe, The Netherlands. Sony A7 and my amazing new Sony 24-70 f2.8 GM