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“I have worked everyday to survive, and now instead, I will work everyday to live.”💙 @positively.kate went through 21 psychiatric hospitalizations and battled with a mental illness for years. Now she is inspiring others to seek help and celebrate the big, little victories in life.🎉
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Так тримати, крихітко!
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Episode 2 is live!!!🙌 On the heels of #WorldMentalHealthDay, Sincerely, Hueman is proud to share the story of Kate Speer, a mental health warrior who took back her life after being misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder.
After decades of living with shame, anxiety, hiding and self-hatred, she is now a source of light, comfort and a whole lot of silliness (see #JiggleForJoy) to friends and strangers from around the world. Episode 2 of our #podcast is now available on iTunes, Google Play Music and Stitcher. When you get a moment, please rate and review our show. It will help us a ton! Thank you and hope you get to do some good today!💙
@gorbunovyuriy про привабливість. Згодні з такою думкою? #хтосказав
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It’s another day to find or experience something we can be grateful for. 🙏🏻 Tag a friend who gives you joy!💙 Our new episode drops on Wednesday this week. We’re telling the story of a woman who was misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder, but chose to work on herself everyday to celebrate the big, little victories in life. Warning: She might make you wanna dance and #jiggleforjoy 💃🏻 Check out our podcast and have a lovely Sunday!
This is your uber dorky but oh so true #cellulitesaturday reminder that however you are,
Jiggle and all,
You 👏 are 👏 fabulous!
Today - Saturday- is a day for you.
Rock your truth.
Rock your self care.
Rock your unapologetic and stunning beauty.
And whatever that means - naptime, Netflix, bubble baths or potato chips, it’s awesome.
And may you know,
I’m here with you
I’m here for you
Yes, me and my “tiny” girls 💁
For always.
So let’s shine on, lovers! Let’s shine on!
Поговоримо про це?
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Ми готові ламати стереотипи, а ви?

Кожен, хто згоден або ні — пишіть свою думку в коментарях!

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Do something that makes you happy today
Do something that makes you feel alive
Do something that pushes you out of your comfort zone
We only get one life, live it to the fullest ❤️
TW - talk of weight
A little twist on #cellulitesaturday , you all remember the #alsicebucketchallange ?! This is my video for the challenge. This is at a time I was at one of my smallest sizes body wise. Look I still had cellulite and I still jiggle because that is completely normal. Cellulite and jiggle are not a sign of being unhealthy. Love your body and love your cellulite and jiggle. They do not define your worth.
I m super late on this but dance is my favorite so self love boot camp day 12; DANCE💃this was just for fun with my little sis @maridancer25 who got cut out😣 but this is to the queen @beamiller new music🔥👑 @omgkenzieee #likethat #whenindoubtdanceitout #dance #jiggleforjoy #donthatetheshake #selflovebootcamp #selflovebootcampday12 #loveyourself #selflove #bodypositive #bopo
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These didn t make the cut... #donthatetheshake #dancing #women #everybodyisbeautiful #fun #sexy #happy #lasvegas #torridmodel #chubby #chubbygirl #lovehandles #plussizebeauty #bbw #bbwgirls #plussizemom #curvy #latina #gordibuena #gordita #gorditas #plussize #curvywomen #thickwomen #esosmovimientos #biggirl #bopo #jiggleforjoy #plussizedancer #migente
This is me
Me being the dorky person I am
Me loving myself in a society that wants us to pick ourselves apart
I won t do that
I choose to love myself the way I am
And I choose to extend that love to all of you ❤️
Love your Squish. Love your cellulite. Love your stretch marks. But most importantly love YOURSELF as you are.
Been away for awhile stressing and not going to the gym or eating to hot for the past 2 days 😒 finally getting back on track though ❤️ school has taken over more than I would like but that s ok because it ll be worth it one day 🏩 doing an article evaluation today for the #selflovebootcamp 🙌🏻😁 missed #medialiteracy and #jiggleforjoy day but I m getting back on track!
i didnt feel like getting my groove on, but still find ways to embrace myself doing what i love most. hiking, climbing, exploring, and conquering mountains is one my favorite things. and in between the tummy jiggles exposed in sports bras and thigh rubs in my shorts, i feel my strongest and most myself at the summit of my hikes. so love your body with all its jiggle, whether youre dancing or drawing, running or ruling the world!
#selflovebootcamp #day12 #bodypositivity #selflove
Well guys I know I ve missed the last few days, but I m back with Day 12 of @omgkenzieee #selflovebootcamp with #dance I wish I could say this was choreographed, but I m actually just this weird and in love with ice cream. Wearing my @tilyoucollapse leggings and dad hat of course 🤷🏼‍♀️ featuring one of my new true loves, @halotopcreamery Caramel Macchiato 😘😅stuff like this is difficult for me to post because it shows me as I really am and that s what I m trying to love and embrace: me as I truly am. The song is Weak by AJR and the video is featuring my fur babies: Hercules and Nikita. Feel free to laugh at me. Lord knows I did 😂 But this is also a strong step in the right direction towards loving myself: being able to publicly embarrass myself and not care (as much) 💪🏻Progress, Not Perfection💪🏻 #livehealthy #selflovesoldier #fitfam #fitness #girlswholift #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #breakthestandard #passion #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #legionofboom #yellowstonenutra #babymuscles #physique #bodypositive #weightlossjourney #weightloss #confidence #bopo #jiggleforjoy @cutekatiebug @positively.kate @yellowstonenutra @1stphorm @live_fit_apparel @aptitudeapparel @buffbunny @leggingsofthemonthclub @conquerwear @bodyposipanda
Day 12 @omgkenzieee #selflovebootcamp : #dance It s my very first #jiggleforjoy video! This song used to be my jam on just dance; no matter my mood @mikainstagram music always cheers me up! Joe and I went to the beach tonight and I thought that there is no better place to bust a move and be myself. Dancing is one of my favorite ways to exercise, express myself and boost my endorphins. #beach #sunset #beachbody #mybodyisabikinibody #bustamove #donthatetheshake #dance #bigbootygirls #biggirl #youarebeautiful #happiness #purejoy shout out goes out to @positively.kate for starting #jiggleforjoy and being an inspiration with her dance videos and positive attitude #positivity #inspiration
#jiggleforjoy #selflovebootcamp I missed a few days, I was down and out with some sort of cold/flu thing. But baby I m back today, and just in time! ;) •

It takes soo long for me to cook if I bring music to the kitchen, because I tie up my shirt and I dance A LOT. 😂 However I thought it would be a good opportunity to get my jiggleforjoy video. So here I am, spicing up my sweet potatoes and mixing them up like a fool. 🤣 Also, I m still trying to get used to my new asymmetrical haircut..💁 •

My body is powerful. My body is strong. My body is forgiving. My body is. It just is. And it s mine. And I love it. I love it especially when it jiggles and makes funny shapes. I regret spending so much of my life hating it

All bodies are different and we are not meant to look the same, contrary to everything we ve been taught. It s time for everyone to celebrate that! I m so happy that I found this Instagram community of body positivity/mental health/everyday warriors. You ve all inspired me and I can t thank you enough💓💓💖💖😍😍 #jiggleforjoy #bodypositive #strong #inspiring #healthy #effyourbeautystandards #warrior
🌻 9/12/17 🌻

I am such an awkward dancer, I can t dance, these videos are proof of that but that does not matter, all that matters is that I am enjoying myself and I am moving my body in a way that I enjoy! .
Don t let anyone s judgement stop you from dancing your booty off! ❤️🌟
#SelfLoveBootCamp • Day 12 • #JiggleForJoy

Miss Billie doesn t appreciate being picked up and forced to dance, but she let me get away with it today. (Likely because it s near dinner time for her and she wanted food asap. 😅) This photo also features my smooshed arms, looking all chubby and shit. And I m fine with that shit. I don t have the energy to give any fucks about it.

Can t wait to see everybody s dancing posts!
#Day12 of the #selflovebootcamp with @omgkenzieee and @positively.kate. The theme is #Dance, specifically #jiggleforjoy I chickened out of this challenge last time around, choosing instead to post a fully-clothed boomerang video of a booty shake. Not this damn time. Here I am, dancing. Feeling good. Enjoying myself. Loving myself. Wreaking havoc. (Song is Wreak Havoc by Skylar Grey ( @skylargrey) and the lyrics are particularly poignant.)
Day 12 #Jiggleforjoy
I m afraid this is one challenge I just can t manage. I ve been at work all day and it s something I m really struggling with so the last thing I m feeling tonight is joyous. My mental health seems to sink as soon as I think of work right now. Sends anxieties and frustrations up. 🙁😭and I m back tomorrow on shift. Only 5 to go till my holiday 😓
Love seeing all of you doing the videos though. Had I been up to doing it I d probably have chosen Can t stop the feeling it s my happy song. ☺️
Well done all you jiggly people though. 😘😘😘 #selflovebootcamp #mentalhealth #selflove #memyselfandi #selfcare #jiggle #joy #september #selfcareeveryday #whoiam #slbc #positivity #bodypositivity #bopo #bopos #life #notashamed #thisisme #worksucks #pinterest
My battered and beaten up ballet shoes for day 12 of the #selflovebootcamp 💕
I haven t got any photos or videos of me dancing and today I m feeling a bit under the weather and downright exhausted having been on the go since 7.30 this morning, so my shoes will have to do.
Dancing has been a huge part of improving my self esteem, challenging myself to move outside my comfort zone and helping to fix my really broken relationship with exercise and moving my body. I #jiggleforjoy and it doesn t matter whether I m a great dancer or not, it makes me happy 😊
@omgkenzieee #selflovebootcamp day 12:

Yesterday was #medialiteracy day and it involved a discussion on how bodies are portrayed in the media. When I downloaded the Facetune app and took a picture of myself and edited it to do a comparison between my real me and my edited me, it felt like I was looking into a fun-house mirror 🤡. It made me sick; my face all contorted like I was supposed to look like the skeleton and boney version of myself. I decided it was in my best interest not to post a picture. But I still want to comment on its importance. Society has a set standard on what people are "supposed" to look like and it takes away from real bodies that actually exist and aren t digitally altered. Our own beauty is compromised and so are we! Just keep in mind when you view a magazine or an ad or literally anything in the media with a person involved, the person displayed doesn t look like that! You don t need to make that comparison as it s (all memes aside) another unrealistic expectation.

And in the spirit of today s boot-camp post, here is a video of me dancing. I can t believe I have a body that is capable of moving so much. Thanks for carrying me, bod . I was dancing to @dualipa (y all could guess that) but there are construction workers outside screaming so you get no sound 😕🤷🏼‍♀️ ✨
#happy #selfie #jiggleforjoy
Starting off my day in the best way 💃
I feel amazing. Dancing without a care in the world is empowering. I feel like I can conquer everything and that feeling is incredible. #dance ....
ALSO, all bodies jiggle and that s AMAAAAZING!!! And celebrating bodies through movement and dance is also AMAAAAZING!!!!!🌟 #jiggleforjoy ...
Today s #selflovebootcamp has really reminded me that it s important to love oneself because you are the only you that exists and you should celebrate you re individuality because you are enough, you are beautiful, and you are deserving. #selflove
Song: A Different Beat by Little Mix

Being able to dance, actually shows how far I ve come and my recovery. For someone who has anxiety & panic disorder, being in fight- flight mode isn t uncommon, but along with that comes freeze mode too. When anxiety is so crippling it makes me feel like I can t move. That s the sort of state I actually lived in for years. .

I ve been doing exposure therapy for over a year now and it s honestly changed my life, along with completely changing my lifestyle.
I m able to do so so much more and that makes me so happy!! And as someone who s always loved to dance but wasn t able to actually do it for so long I honestly cherish those times where I can just get up and dance and not care about anxiety or anything in fact!!
Being comfortable with a body that jiggles is also a big recovery win for me.
It makes me happy to move my body. It s a form of self care now, which doesn t involve self hatred anymore.
Rather than looking at myself thinking there s too much of this or that or not enough of it, I look at myself and I m just so bloody grateful for the body that I have, RIGHT NOW. It enables me to do things, to live. And that s pretty damn wonderful!😃
. .
What are the things that make you feel proud of yourself?😊 It s so important to acknowledge our achievements more!🙏🏻💖✨ .

WE ARE ENOUGH, just as we are, right here, RIGHT NOW!!👊🏻🎉😘

Day n i n e #cellulitesaturday
While you cannot see my cellulite in this picture this is what I did see:
-cellulite on my thighs
-belly pudge
-love handles
-flat butt
& a total lack of confidence.
What I see now:
-bomb ass fashion style
-gorgeous hair
-mile long, strong legs
-a girl who should be confident.
It s all about persepctive. Like @omgkenzieee said: cellulite is no different than a birth mark or freckle. All your flaws are not mistakes. They are an interpretation of your self love. When you think "she has love handles and is rocking that dress. I wish I could look like that" BUT the truth is you can!! #practicemakesprogress
#selflovebootcamp #goddessintraining #createwaves #lovethejourney #mybodymywaves #lovemyself #selflovejourney #selflove #embracethesquish #jiggleforjoy
D A Y 9: Wild Card//
⚡️Something most people know about me is that I do NOT go to the gym and most people would assume that it’s because I’m lazy. More often than not, I will either say nothing or laugh along when it comes to the latter and that’s mostly because I don’t care to explain myself each and every time. However, I’ve been realizing that it’s okay to say why once and if it’s understood, great, and if it’s not understood, than I shouldn’t have to beat myself up for what someone else can’t grasp. My reasoning for not going to the gym?--I’ll work my way toward typing it up//sharing//saying it out loud [at later time]. For now, I’m focused on the fact that this week, something happened. I. WENT. TO. THE. GYM.
⚡️This week something changed--Our water heater broke. So, my initial options were to either take a freezing cold shower or don’t take a shower at all. I tried the first option and hated it, but I refused to not take a shower. My mom, however, found a third option and that third option included going to the gym and taking a hot shower at said gym. I huffed and I puffed on the way there, but yes, a hot shower lured me into the gym. The results?--I’m showered, I’m sore af, and I’m realizing that the reason for not going to the gym doesn’t have to be as scary as I think it is. Oh, and I’m feeling pretty freaking great too and it has nothing to do with losing weight or getting toned.--THANKS ENDORPHINS! #FitForMentalHealth #JiggleForJoy
⚡️Okay, so the point of this wild card post was 1) It doesn’t matter how you start, but that you DO START. & 2) We may not be in control of everything, but we can at least to try to change the narrative of our thoughts.
Day 4 #embracethesquish
I am making it a goal by the end of the year to wear a body suit and high waisted jeans.💥
I love fashion so much and I always stopped myself because my tummy is bloated or my love handles are showing a wee bit. And it genuinely makes me sad to miss out on all these amazing fashion trends because I have been conditioned to tell myself "no you can t wear that"
I am going to consciously work towards excepting myself more in clothing outside of my comfort zone, that s been pinned on my Pinterest board since forever.
✌✌ because you re allowed to wear whatever you want regardless of a little squish.
#goaldigger #fashiongoals #selflovebootcamp #selfloveisthebestlove #recoveryispossible #lovethejourney #edrecovery #bepresent #jiggleforjoy
Guess who s happy to be alive today?!?! I am!!!

Four years ago today, I was hospitalized for the 21st time. I presented with psychotic symptoms, self harming behaviors & a plan to end my life.

The ten years prior had caught up to me & I had had enough. On top of the years of hallucinations, self harming, extreme mood lability, suicidality, agoraphobia, disordered eating, medication side effects, ocd & hospitalizations, my doctor of eight years was dying & the new doctor he had referred me to had told me I was a lost cause, a human destined for a long term inpatient psychiatric unit.

As I entered the hospital in violent hysterics as the hallucinations wracked my brain, nurses held me down, forcing medication into my mouth.

At that time, consumed with darkness, I vowed to be done. I vowed to fake my way out of the ward and be finished with my life once and for all. I mistakenly believed I was only a burden on the beautiful world and needed to relinquish it of my darkness. Little did I know, that final hospitalization and the referral to see my now most blessed teacher, dr. C, is what saved my life.

Four years have now past.

They have been gut wrenching, exhausting, grueling and absolutely spectacular.

Every day, with the guidance of Dr. C and an intense regimen of CBT, I get up & kick my ass. I work on me like it s a full time job and that work has paid off.

I m not going to say it s easy.
I m not going to say it s ever going to be.

My life will always be hard.
There will always be darkness.
& I will always be in recovery.

But what I ve come to realize is that now that I ve accepted the darkness, it no longer owns me. & now that it is accepted, I can use it to see the light as the pure beauty and gift it is.

We, as humans, have the power to grow, to change
& to work towards wellness & as much as that work may be a burden, it is also an honor & a true gift. Let s remember that truth today. That truth is freedom. •

I don t have words for how grateful I am to be here & to have you here with me.

Just know it s an honor to have you.

& however you are,
Exactly as you are,
In light,
& dark,
You are enough.

Monday evening reminder that you are enough. You are enough with your flaws and insecurities. You are enough with the things on your body you wish you could change. You are enough with the times in your past you wish you could change. You are enough with your anxiety and depression and any other mental illness you may be struggling with. You are enough today and every other day and don t you forget it. 📷: @jahoffie
It is your weekly reminder that exactly as you are, however you are, YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!

Today is my 30th birthday and while most people dread this day, I AM THRILLED!!!

Today, I am saying goodbye to quite a decade.

I am acknowledging it first and saying:
I see you
Suicidal ideation
Suicide attempts
Self harm
21 hospitalizations
5 years of hallucinating
And hatred
So much hatred.

I see you. •

I accept you.

And goodbye. •


And then, I am starting anew.

But this time,
Instead of beginning with hatred and confusion,
I am beginning with acceptance, resilience and courage.

This is me 👆
The real me.
Have you met me yet?
It s okay, I m still meeting me too.

Hi 🤗
my name is kate.
Positively kate.
I am a goofball.
I am a dork.
I am a daughter, sister, lover and dog mom.
I am a human living transparently and shamelessly with mental illness.

And I am going to change the world, one story at a time.

Because from the travels of my twenties,
I learned a lot.
And it is time for the world to learn these truths too.

We are more than our illnesses.
We are more than our bodies.
We are more than any box someone tries to fit us in.
And the vulnerability within us,
Is our greatest strength.

So yup,
Here s to a new decade.
Full of advocacy, sillies, storytelling, vulnerability & love.

Here s to showing that recovery is possible
And life with illness is not only a badge of courage and nothing to be ashamed of,
But it is also a testament to true bravery.

With love, light and so much dork,
Kate speer
#Repost @honeylovesorg
@positively.kate thank you for your Spirit! 🙌
Oh babé babé!!! It is a #jiggleforjoy day today!

I am jiggling with so much gratitude!!!!
For my body!
For this community!
For this ass kicking process of recovery that teaches me everyday:


So here s to us today!

Here s to our power to fight.
To grow.
To make peace with our demons.
& To recover.

Here s to our power to be ourselves unapologetically.
To accept ourselves fully.
And, above all,
To love ourselves completely.

And here s to our power to know:
Bodies jiggle.
Bodies squish.
Bodies shake.

They are unique temples that carry our fabulous, resilient, grateful warrior selves through this amazing life.

So here s to YOU today and that body that gets you through.

May we know that,

#jiggleforjoy watched some belly dancing videos today!! thought i d learn a bit of something new and give it a try myself!!💃🏻(only thing that annoys me is every single workout video i enjoy is by a very toned girl, don t get me wrong, that body type is absolutely fine and they rock it, but it d be nice to see some average bodies doing it too, like mine!! just a thought😋) anyway here s my jiggle! don t be afraid or embarrassed to try something new, just have fun!! 💜
Happy first day of August, you fabulous BABES!!! ▪️
While getting back to work from an absolutely wonderful vacation, this song came on my morning playlist and just couldn t resist getting up to #jiggleforjoy!!!! Hope it brings some joy your way. ❤️
Bra: Victoria s Secret
Pants: acquired at Shop Therapy Provincetown, MA!
#jiggleforjoy #jiggle #embracethesquish #dance #getupanddance #dowhatyoulove
#dowhatmakesyouhappy #celebratemysize #celebratemybody #bodylove #selflove #beyourself #loveyourself #bopo #bodypositive #bodypositivity #bigboldbeautifulyou #beautiful #radicalbodylove #bodyacceptance #beyourownkindofbeautiful #embraceyourself #effyourbeautystandards #riotsnotdiets
When you re having too much fun at work
#dancing #curvygirl #curvy #gordibuena #gordita #celebratemysize #lovetheskinyourin #big #biggirls #fatgirlsbewinning #biggirlsdoitbetter #iamtorrid #torridmodel #loveyourself #loveyourbody #effyourbodystandards #nowrongway #plussize #loveyourself #lovetheskinyourin #bodypositivity #hashisisters #salvibori #salviriqueña #salvadoreña #boricua #bosslady #dancing #reggaeton #donthatetheshake #jiggleforjoy #plussizedancer #migente
Day 25 #embracethesquish
Today I hope you let your mind, body and soul just BE. Let them flow together and support one another. Because bodies jiggle and move! We are not made to walk around with rock hard abs!! You were made to be soft and that s o k a y!! You are beautiful just the way you are 👌👌
#jiggleforjoy #selflovebootcamp #selfloveiskey #goddessintraining #createwaves #bodyposi #bopobabe #mybodymywaves #cellulitesaturday
Last round of #embracethesquish in this #selflovebootcamp by the amazing @omgkenzieee 💞
I used to be ashamed of my stomach "hanging" when I laid on the side and would always lie on my back if I were at the beach to make it look flat.
It also took some time to get comfortable with my husband touching my tummy when we were spooning.
Now I don t really bother. It s my stomach and it s cute and soft and jiggly and that s ok 👍🏻 #allbodiesaregoodbodies #curvygirl #curvywomen #embrace #effyourstandards #effyourbeautystandards #firstselflovers #jiggleforjoy #justthewayyouare #kropspositiv #loveyourself #loveyourtatts #mybodymybff #mermaidthighs #squishy #selflove #squishylegs #youareenough #youaregoodenough
I am pumped and loving this picture of myself, everything from my scars, cellulite, and my beautiful smile. 💖
I hope you all can eventually be at a place where you love your self and body so fiercely that it makes society jealous ❤️ #selflovebootcamp #selflove #selfworth #selfiemode #selfiegram #selfielove #selfiesaturday #saturday #saturdayfun #saturdayafternoon #saturdayvibes #lovemycellulite #cellulite #cellulitesaturday #jiggleforjoy #mermaidthighs #beautiful
🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 #InThisBody DAY 5: SMILE WITH YOUR BODY⠀

Today is about one thing: Move in some way that makes you smile. Dance. Get lost in the woods. Dare yourself to jump into cold water. Hug someone. Trade massages with a friend. Breathe deeper than yesterday.⠀

If you re feeling at all disconnected from your body or in pain, let your body speak. It doesn t have to look like something in particular. Your body knows the way. What does she want today? What would feel so good? Find it together.⠀

I love you. Tag your posts @madelinegabor and hashtag it up with #InThisBody so we can celebrate these gorgeous, smiling bodies together.
Yesterday was a sunny, heartwarming day with my sugarpie 😎 friendship that lasts 🦄 // #pairidaiza #jiggleforjoy #friendshipgoals #dayout #summerdays
Dance it out!!!! Sending you all lots of love and dance moves! Pick yourself up. Dust yourself off. Keep moving! If today isn t a dance day, that s okay! You 🙌Are 🙌 Enough! 🙌🔊. *
#jiggleforjoy #embracethesquish #donthatetheshake #fat #fun #smile #dance #instagood #curls #loveyourself #laugh #effyourbeautystandards #mentalhealth @_____halle__ @heretotakeupspace @lexiemanion @omgkenzieee @chooselifewarrior @betteringbecca @beebodypositivex @positivebodyimage @effyourbeautystandards
Day 13 #embracethesquish
This weekend I head to a country festival with plus 30 weather. I m trying to remember that my body CAN and is ALLOWED to wear shorts. I do not have to cover up any jiggle or cellulite. I deserve to be comfortable.
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I m backtracking a little bit because I ve missed some #SelfLoveBootcamp days, and while I ll probably let the others I missed go, I COULD NOT pass up the opportunity to look like a total goof 😂

I realize that we are supposed to #JiggleForJoy thanks to @positively.kate ...BUT I REALLYYYY wanted to dance to Moana because it s been stuck in my head and I need to pass it on ( You re Welcome 😉) .... you can t really jiggle and shake to this so please enjoy this horrendously improvised "contemporary" piece 😂😂😂😂😳

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Tomorrow I m announcing !!!! something delicious and close to my heart - movement related - that involves me and you.
Yes, you.
I love you. We re all in this dance together.
I decided there s just something to this movement thing - to getting inside my body every damn day and to sharing the many, many ways that looks through this little screen.
To witnessing without fixing.
To letting my body unravel herself.
To exploring her holy sanctuary.
To allowing pleasure.
To sending breath to the places that feel like too much.
To finding belonging here in this body.
To B E I N G that in the world. ⚡️
Day 11 was DANCE! Also known as JIGGLING FOR JOY DAY created by the super awesome @positively.kate 🙌🏼
And even though I take at least 10 videos and analyze all of them before posting one, I have a lot of fun doing it. I have a lot of fun just dancing around in the apartment, feeling like a professional (😂) not giving a care in the world 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻
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Negative people will try to discourage you from reaching your goals #hatersgonnahate #jiggleforjoy #worthit #iammynumberonefan #beyoutiful #beambitious #workit
APPARENTLY posting a 40 second video where you celebrate self love, credit the artist, and promote the artists new song coming out is COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT. So here it is again without sound. Womp womp.

Self Love Boot Camp w/Kenzie
Day 11: Jiggle for Joy

Today s theme is jiggle for joy! And it couldn t have come on a more perfect day. Demi Lovato s new single, Sorry Not Sorry, came out and I can t stop listening and dancing!
I m jiggling and that s ok! I am happy and carefree and moving joyfully in my body. If you don t like it, oh well. SORRY NOT SORRY.

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Day 11 of #selflovebootcamp 🌻
#jiggleforjoy!! Created by the amazing @positively.kate 💛 dance is an amazing outlet to let loose, express your emotions & honor your beautiful body. Just be you. No one can take that away from you!! 💃🏻
I couldn t quite bring myself to make a video of myself dancing for #Selflovebootcamp Day 11 yesterday // I ve become the type of adult who says things like "You ll have to get a few drinks in me before I ll step foot on that dance floor" - so this one was difficult for me. \\

As a five year old, my favorite thing in the world was to dance in dresses and skirts that twirled with my body. I loved being the center of attention and when I danced I wanted everyone to see, to watch me, to giggle with me and appreciate the awesome ways in which my body could move. 💃🏼

I ve found that such a huge part of this journey is learning to honor my inner child, because she is one of my biggest role models 🙇🏼‍♀️ She also happens to be one of the best dancers I know - not because she has any sense of rhythm or killer moves, but because it brings her joy. 🌻

So this morning I woke up, slipped on my favorite twirly peacock dress, put on my feel good jam of the week (Good Nights by Whethan ft. Mascolo), and got my groove on. And I feel goofy and awkward and I want to be self-deprecating about it as a defense mechanism, but I won t. I m gonna rock it because bodies were made to move and shake and shimmy and that is a beautiful thing. 🙌🏼

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#selflovebootcamp with @omgkenzieee
Day 11: #dance
I ve been following @positively.kate
and loving her #jiggleforjoy posts for a while now. She is truly an amazing being!
I am not yet confident enough to prance around in my undies like I see everyone else doing. I find myself comparing everyone s beautiful jiggly tight-skinned bodies to my own (self-perceived ugly) wrinkly saggy-skinned body and it takes me to a very dark place in my mind. It was difficult enough for me to show you guys my squishy loose skin last week.
So for now, I ll share with you "the Brooke". When I was in ED residential last year from Jan to May, I had a dance therapist. I was not only being treated for atypical anorexia, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, and body dysmorphic disorder, but severe exercise addiction as well. My individual therapist realized quickly that I needed to learn to relax, play, and move my body in fun ways that did not focus on burning calories. So I had a movement therapist too that I saw twice weekly. I put together a group of "routines", naming each movement something silly, different routines for different moods, and she wrote them down for me. Here s me back in May, doing one of my many Brooke dances, as I became a part of the digital art exhibit. You can often find me doing a version of the Brooke when I m out and about. It helps me relax when I m nervous or uncomfortable, it brings me back to who I am.
I hope that very soon, I will be able to publicly dance and jiggle. I love to fast dance (and unfortunately that s probably because of burning calories, but it s fun to be fast, so I m conflicted), but I m extremely self-conscious of my excess skin flapping. Currently I only dance slowly when anyone is watching.
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Day 11 of the #selflovebootcamp Here s a video of me dancing. I thought I d find this more embarrassing that I do. Honestly this was a blast. The more I see my body move, the more I like it. It s funny how that works. #jiggleforjoy
Day 11 of #selflovebootcamp is #jiggleforjoy bu the lovely and awesome human @positively.kate
I haven t been posting in boot camp since Thursday. Mostly due to someone close to me not approving of it. I didn t think I took it seriously or stopped posting because of them. But, today I realized my motivation and excitement to do these posts dissipated after that encounter.
So, today s post for me is about shaking off other people s judgements and jiggle for what I find joy in... no matter what other people say! I m exhausted and just put the kids to bed but I got a little mini shake in for me! Love to all of you and hoping you can shake off other people s judgement and expectation and do what makes you happy!
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Day 11 #selflovebootcamp - #dance

Today, I didn t dance for joy. I didn t #jiggleforjoy or #dropitlikeitshot

Today, I played the mental illness game, danced with my medications, and swam through muddy waters with tired limbs.

I am still learning not to get angry or frustrated with myself when I simply can t do what I want to, because of symptoms or side effects. I am still learning how to be kind to my body and brain. I am still learning to not apologize for needing naps.

I don t feel confident today, and that s okay. Negative thought are dancing in my head, and that s okay too. My body is exhausted and my head hurts. Guess what? That s okay too.

I am working with a doctor I trust. I am working towards a medication regime that works for me. I am trying to get enough sleep, get outside, drink enough water, and eat healthily (which includes salty potato chips for me, because #treatyoself) I may not have physically felt like doing anything today, but the fact that I woke up, tried to do my best, and am ready for bed to try again tomorrow? That s the best mental victory #jiggleforjoy I could ever do.

You are enough.

P.S. I wear a @desertdustjewelry cactus ring to remind me that I am resilient. And a ring from @maredare11 to remind me that I am loved. There are so many talented humans in the world. ❤️

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Hey y all! Sorry for the late post. I had work & I m currently sick. Today is for us to post a video of us dancing for #jiggleforjoy ( @positively.kate). To be honest I wasn t going to post anything. I feel like shit and especially didn t want to see anything ~jiggle~ However, I felt so good after filming this. Yes, I m still sick but I don t feel as miserable. Probably because Eric Church is perfect & it makes me think of Josh. So even though I didn t want to post today, here is my very dark not very jiggly dance video. I hope y all enjoy. Dance on my warriors!
• • •
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#SelfLoveBootCamp Day 10: Dance 💃🏻 I m very much aware that I can t dance so instead of trying to video tape myself and then be disappointed, here s this instead 😁😁

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