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Making dinner for my yeasties. They ve got work to do tomorrow!
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Come get your most aromatic and intense hops experience yet with YCH s brand new Cryo Hops® pellets, available now at FermentationSolutions.com!

These hops deliver the most concentrated lupulin (resins and oils that are the source of hops juiciness) yet and allows brewers to use large amounts of late addition hops without any astringency or vegetative off flavors
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A bottle army has arrived! New 750ml swingtop brown beer bottles available at a great price. Check out the details at fermentationsolutions.com
A great way to get started or to move the brewery out of the kitchen:
Burner-Kettle Combo Kit
All Stainless, high BTU propane burner, 7.5 gal. Kettle, large face clip dial thermometer and SS mash paddle with built in bottle opener!
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