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I m getting sickkkk right before my birthday :c what s your best remedies to kick a cold? 💕
My set is now live! Go check it out! 💖 -> octaviamay.suicidegirls.com @suicidegirls @sgcanada
Hi this is my weirdo
I spent today reading in the sun. What s your favourite way to spend a sunny afternoon? 😌☀️
This set comes out in 2 days...! Are you as excited as I am?! 💖📸: @shainesuicide #sg #suicidegirls #sgcanada @suicidegirls @sgcanada
Watching saving private Ryan with my bbs. What s your top 5 movies? Mine are Deadpool, Fight Club, Hacksaw Ridge, X-men Origins: Wolverine, and Girl Interrupted
Wassup. My kitty came home today after being gone for almost a year. He s an indoor cat at my mamas now. I m a happy camper 😌
Eat yo veggies! 🌱 Happy Sunday!
Nerf dis booty
Time to raise my APM !!