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“Listen to me,” she said, staring intently into my eyes, as I stared back at her as mine were now filling with tears. “So what he opened your ‘i miss you’ text that you sent drunk at 3 in the morning and he didn’t respond? So what he stopped giving you that shy smile that he always used to send your way when you walked by each other in the hallways? So what his fingers are now intertwined with the hand of a girl that isn’t you? He is the one with a problem.”
“He clearly fails to see how utterly iridescent and beautiful and magnificent you are. Honestly, I feel bad for him. He’s pretty damn stupid if he can’t recognize the pure light that is bursting from your soul.”
“And I’m not going to lie to you, you’re going to meet plenty of other stupid assholes in your lifetime- they’ll break your heart in more ways than one. The one thing you’ll need to remember though- always, always remember- tattoo it on your forehead if you have to, is this: his opinion does not define you. His inability to see and appreciate the fucking miracle of God that you are is not your fault. So stop putting the blame on you, and most importantly, stop letting the opinion of a boy who won’t matter in 6 months time effect how you see yourself. You are worth so much more than losing yourself over a boy who doesn’t care.”
“What matters is that you put your heart out on the line. Yeah, it was torn to pieces this time. But I absolutely promise you that one day, you’ll give your heart to somebody, and they won’t drop it. Instead, they’ll give theirs right back to you. And something so indescribably wonderful and magical will come out of it that this boy won’t even be a sliver of a thought in your mind. I promise.”

Excerpt from a book i’ll never write #20 (via laamode)
“Wait for the person that makes things feel effortless. You should not have to try so hard to keep him, baby girl. If he’s the right person, he’ll stand by you no matter what and you won’t have to exhaust yourself with trying to make him stay.”
something I learned too late // excerpt from a book i’ll never write #79 (via a-laa-mode)
look: the right people will get it. the right people will see you and appreciate you for the person that you are. the right people won’t require you to dilute, censor, or edit yourself in order to be worthy of their time and affection. you don’t need to waste your time on people who are committed to misunderstanding you
I want to live a meaningful life. I want to make at least one person smile a day. I want to move to a different country, go travelling with the people who I love, go travelling by myself. I want to dye my hair a new colour. I want to cut it short. I want to do something insane, like fall in love with myself. I want to grow old peacefully, without too many regrets. I want to help those around me. I want to make the most of my time. Some days I am haunted by the fear that I will never achieve this. I worry that I am not capable enough. But these days, something has changed. These days, I have started believing that I will - and I am so much happier because of it. Via blossomfully
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The women I love and admire for their strength and grace did not get that way because shit worked out. They got that way because shit went wrong and they handled it. They handled it a thousand different ways on a thousand different days, but they handled it. Those women are my superheroes.
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Even if you go for it and it doesn t work out, you still win. You still had the guts enough to head straight into something that frightened you. That type of bravery will take you places.
And you try to convince yourself that you are over her, but you catch yourself drinking her favorite alcohol trying to taste her again.

I wonder what it’s like being 28 and waking up knowing you’re going to ask her to marry you tonight.
I wonder what it’s like being 30 and waking up to her gone for the week on a work trip and having the entire bed to yourself for the first time in ages so you starfish the fuck out of it, but somehow drift over to their side because you already miss them.
I wonder what it’s like being 42 and waking up for work content that the same pair of tired eyes as yesterday, and the day before that, and for the past 13 years, still look at you like you have the ability to reverse time and stop the sun from rising any higher, then you could both stay in bed. You blink, smile, and kiss her forehead softly as a reply, silently acknowledging your shared distaste for mornings, but not apologizing for wanting to wake up to those eyes again tomorrow.
I wonder what it’s like being 49 and waking up beside someone who still makes you nervous when they look at you that close up in the morning, especially now that you’re nearing 50 and fully aware of the wrinkles you have and the ones on the way.
I wonder what it’s like being 61 and waking up at 2pm because you were too sore and sickly to get out of bed that morning, but when you hear her key in the door after coming back from the store with some medicine, your favourite soup and a kiss, it still makes your heart beat fast enough to propel you off the bed and into her healing arms.
I wonder what it’s like being 87 and waking up next to an undisturbed pillow and an unwrinkled half of a quilt because she died 2 years ago, peacefully in her sleep. It was just her time to go.
I wonder what it’s like to live life in that much love. And when you do, I wonder what it’s like to lose it to something as trivial as your body passing through time. It’s heartbreaking that the body can’t last as long as the love between two people. But it’s also kind of beautiful that love transcends physical nature. All we can do is experience it while it’s here and while it lasts.
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“Wake up early enough to start your day peacefully. Wake up, ignore your phone, and take a deep breath, today will bring greatness. Stretch. Trust me. Spend your morning moving at a snail pace, caring for yourself and making time for all you need to do. The morning will decide your mood for the day, make sure you are at a place of happiness and gratitude.”
The significance of a good morning by Amy Kennedy
“Live the life you’d be envious of if you saw someone else living it. This is my personal mantra. Whenever I’m going through a difficult time, like a breakup, and I’m wishing to be the person who could get over it and move on, I tell myself to be that person. Instead of waiting to be inspired by someone else and being jealous that they’re living a life I wish I had, I tell myself not to wait for that moment and to start being the person I want to be.”
Olivia Dunn